POWER NEWS With Prem Baniya about Royal Masscare


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

It's been 15 years that our late King and his entire family was k!l^led. He was most importantly else who was loved by the entire national and after his d*e@th nothing right is going ahead in this country. Various m*ur^der in Nepal is been the purpose of intrigue however no people are ca@ght and pun!$hed.

He was k!lled and after that it was told his own song k!l*led him and later he k!l*led himself yet no any people believes this. Besides, their passing kin of King Birendra was made ruler and than he started to control the nation yet he couldn't do it more like his kin. Ruler Birendra was one of the master who was been treasured by entire nation and heaps of people got break in view of this !nc!dent.

Everyone expected to c@ught the criminal yet nothing is been c@ught. The criminal is walking transparently and this is been the subject of cur!o$ity where the reason and answer is still concealed. Simply King Birendra and his family who were de@d knows who k!lled them and everyone is living with this question where the answer is still concealed. Here is the video where you can hear the viewpoints of this period people about the ruler Birendra.

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