Rekha Thapa Getting Marriage In Mangsir


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Rekha Thapa off her participation to their association through an official statement for having propelled her motion picture Himmatwali in insubordination of the standards of the affiliation. In any case, Thapa stays insubordinate still.According to the affiliation's tenets, Nepali movies being discharged inside the Valley must be debuted on Fridays. Thapa had broken the affiliation's govern by discharging her most recent flick on Wednesday a week ago, on the event of Fulpati.But maker Thapa, who additionally stars in the film, appears undaunted by the move made against her."If the makers don't need me, I'll begin my own association," says Thapa. The performing artist asserts that the affiliation has not been reliable by they way they manage film discharge dates. "In October 6, 2011, for instance, I had discharged my film, Andaaz, on a Tuesday. In those days, nobody made a clamor. They are just attempting to discolor my picture," says Thapa. The Friday-discharge arrangement was made in 2003, as a major aspect of an understanding between the Film Producers' Association of Nepal and the Nepal Film Association.

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