Takme Budho Wilson Bikram Rai Comedian with Bhag sani Bhag


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Takme Budho Wilson Bikram Rai Comedian with Bhag sani Bhag Ft. Keki Adhikari and Sabin Shrestha

Gaijatra is the celebration of bovines in Nepal. This celebration is praised in generally Kathmandu valley by the Newar people group. In this celebration, dairy animals are at an enduring pace in the boulevards. This Gaijatra celebration is has its own particular demonstrates, in antiquated timeframe individuals nervousness and love Yamraj is " The God Of Death ". This celebration is managed by Malla King. As indicated by antiquated age since time by memory, each family who had last one relative amid the previous year must take partake in a parade through the lanes of Kathmandu driving a dairy animals. On the off chance that a dairy animals is not accessible a young man dressed as a bovine is considered as a reasonable substitute. In Hinduism, a bovine is viewed as a most regard among all the household creatures. As indicated by Malla period King Pratap malla lost his child, his better half, The Queen remained very irritate. The King was exceptionally miserable to see this state of his cute Queen. The King notwithstanding a few endeavors couldn't reduce the melancholy of his better half. By all methods he needed to see a little grin on the lips of his sweetheart. He reported that everybody made the Queen giggle would be compensated. Amid this celebration Gaijatra,the dairy animals parade was brought before the sadness stricken Queen.

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