World Cup In Nepal


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Cricket is a bat-and-ball game played between two groups of eleven players on a cricket field. Cricket is the second most mainstream game in Nepal after football. It is played by many individuals all through the nation, particularly in the Terai district because of its closeness to India. The greatest cricketing accomplishment of the national cricket group was the point at which the group achieved the capability competition of 2014 ICC World T20 held in Bangladesh. In 1920s Cricket was acquainted with Nepal surprisingly by Lt.- Gen.Madan Shumsher JBR most youthful child of Rana Prime Minister Maharaja Chandra Shumsher Jang Bahadur Rana. Be that as it may, at the time cricket was viewed as a "man of his word's amusement" so was restricted to the decision Rana relatives and a few elites of Nepal. In spite of the fact that the diversion was kept inside themselves and different individuals from the world class, the Cricket Association of Nepal was framed in 1946 to advance cricket among the privileged. The most well-known types of expulsion are played, when the bowler hits the stumps straightforwardly with the ball, leg before wicket, when the batsman keeps the ball from hitting the stumps with his body rather than his bat, and got, when the batsman hits the ball into the air and it is blocked by a defender before touching the ground. Runs are scored by two fundamental strategies either by hitting the ball sufficiently hard for it to cross the limit, or by the two batsmen swapping closes by each at the same time running the length of the contribute inverse headings while the defenders are recovering the ball. In the event that a defender recovers the ball rapidly enough to put down the wicket with a batsman not having achieved the wrinkle at that end of the pitch, that batsman is expelled. Arbitration is performed on the field by two umpires.

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