हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

This is the short film considering same thing. Here are social event of young woman who is in the process to go to another nation with the objective that they could win some money. They keeps holding up their visa and misusing their time. The man of that work used to drop few words and make them trust anyway he was astute to the point that he used to take those women to his room and compel her to have s*x. This was happening with the young woman who were there and it was a great deal of so those young woman deceived that man.

Than he called another young woman, it took after the young woman was so normal. He was essentially endeavoring to have r*om@nce with that young woman on that time she h!t that man and she gathered every one of those young woman and they hit that child so horrendous that he got the lesson that he should respect all young women

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