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Got Talent shows are the greatest and the most prevalent stages for individuals to show case their gifts. Amid these shows tricks and some d@nge*rous traps can be usually observed.

Be that as it may, a demonstration amid the finale of he Britain's Got Talent is the most sc@ry and the most spine chilling execution each performed in front of an audience. It was sc@ry to the point that even the judges were $c@red and were shouting and the gathering of people were going insane.

The execution is by Alex Magala and the trick is stunning alarming. To start with the man begins by getting on a shaft and he demonstrates a few tricks. He then goes up to the judges stage and takes a $word. He then does the ordinary sword gulping trap yet he doesn't embed it the distance. He embeds it midway and stands on he judges work area with his hands. He then presses the sword more inside with the assistance of the work area and later makes one of the judges take it out.

He again grasps a bind and sleeves it on one of his hands. He then trips on the shaft again and sleeves it in a way that he won't have the capacity to get away. At that point another man keeps a cutting tool underneath him and he slides down and stops impeccably over the cutting apparatus innocuous.

The trick is extreme to the point that even he judges have nothing to say in regards to it and one of the judges is scared to the point that she begins to drink water.

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