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As Kame Magar is in Philippines with Jiban on handling for return of Joya and the two children Miguel and Eric, some obscure people have called from concealed number to Uncle Kame Magar's home and debilitated to mischief them.

Here Kame Magar has been recounting the entire story to Aang Kami Sherpa in New York about the episode. Accordingly, Kami Sherpa has guaranteed him that any individual who calls and spreads such false message will be accounted for, found and rebuffed by law.

Kame Magar illuminates that he has no foe and no aims to damage anybody, he is simply helping the poor darlings Joya and Jiwan who got isolated because of destitution and some error by Aadarsha Home situated in Chitwan Nepal where Joya remained for 4 months before she was sent back to Philippines for remaining as unlawful foreigner in Nepal, in spite of the fact that she was hitched to Jiwan Magar and had two children yet they never enlisted their marriage and birth for their kids and never broadened the visa. In any case, while she was expelled, her children were additionally sent back to Philippines.

Presently a large number of Nepalese understands that it's an enormous mix-up to sent those children with no authoritative records in spite of the fact that they have ideal to hold Nepalese personality by birth and by Nepalese father Jiwan Thapa Magar.

Presently numerous Nepalese are helping them fiscally for their return.Jiwan Thapa Magar and his uncle Kame Magar has as of now came to at Joya's parental home in Bacolod, Philippines.

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