हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

meeting of the Legislature-Parliament called for Thursday has been disrupted.Speaking at the Parliament meeting UML Vice Chairman Bamdev Gautam lashed out at the administration saying that it is conveying the constitution correction bill to part the slope from the Tarai. "The resistance parties including UML won't bolster this bill as it has been brought to estrange the Tarai from the slope."" said Gautam.CPN-UML, CPN (ML), RJM and NPWP have discouraged the House meeting.Speaker Onsari Gharti deferred the House meeting until Friday 3 pm after the fundamental restriction party CPN-UML kept upsetting the meeting.

UML's parliamentary gathering meeting hung on Wednesday had chosen to utilize every one of its energies to thwart the proposed alterations to the new Constitution, naming it as "an endeavor to undermine the sovereign presence of the country."In understanding with this choice, UML upset today's Hosue meeting.eting-disturbed deferred

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