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हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Annapurna Vision Pvt Ltd Presnet's

Shreedevi Devkota's New Nepali Lok Folk Song


Verses of This Song

Female : Oye gharai nera daralagni thau chha

Syal karauchha bhutle ni tarsauchha

Timi sanga sabai kura khole

Deuso ni karauni chuna pani darauni

Raat paresi bhetam bhanchha latokoshero le

Male : hoi man bujhena , mukh maatra herera

Basne manchha angalo beraraa

Timi sanga sabai kura khole

Deusai aauna manlagchha chuna pani darlagchha

Raatpare pachi bhetna aauchha latokoshero le ....

Jyoti Magar

Nepali Folk craftsman Jyoti Magar has been on the most elevated purpose of the Nepali Media due to her hot great appearance on recordings and stage show up. She was considered in remote town of Rukum. Jyoti Thapa Magar is in like manner Nepali one of the top hot Model and Singer In her underlying school age she used to sing tunes at school in western city of Dang. Jyoti is a Nepali playback vocalist. She has sung more than 100s of Nepali songs. She has appeared in live tasks in various countries like as, Denmark, Japan, Australia, Hong kong , USA, Uk, UAE and distinctive countries.

Fervor Hot photo shoot of Jyoti Magar, latest couple of years Jyoti Magar has been on the most noteworthy purpose of media spotlight on account of her awesome appearance on music recordings, organize shows and on photo shoots. Host of the morning society tune program has confirmed the case disregarding the way that Jyoti has declared that she went there in run of the mill social outfit. The past summer Jyoti had posted some especially hot photos handled the landscape of rice field here she is seen altogether hot on standard Nepalese Gunyu Choli. Watch today just online video which is conveyed by Glamor Nepal.

More Details About This Song

Tune Title : Shree Devi Devkota and Raju Dhakal

Verses : Binod Dhakal

Music : Shreedevi Devkota

Creation and Distribution : Annapurna Vision Pvt LTd

Acting (Model) : Jyoti Magar and Rajaram Bhattari

Course : Shankar B.C.

Camera : Rajesh Ghimire

Altering : Nabin Gharti Magar

Video Made by : Krishna Filims and Advertising

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