हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Bishnu Majhi

Bishnu Majhi (Nepali: विष्णु माझी is a Nepalese people artist from Chapakot, Syangja, Nepal. She has been singingNepali society, merry and current tunes for most recent eleven years. She is known as the "Vocal Queen of Nepali people artist" having recorded more than 6,000 tunes amid this time. A lot of her music spun around the topics of adoration and patriotism. She is extremely well known for her society melodies and the subjects of affection.

Early Life

She was conceived in 1989 in the area of Chapakot (Ratnapur-05) situated in Syanjha, Nepal She started singing at fifteen."driver years old Dai Man paryo malai" (ड्राइभर दाइ मनपर्यो मलाइ) is her clench hand most famous tune. She has recorded more than 6,000 tunes amid the time. Particularly she sang about patriotism, cherish and provincial tunes.

She is put in 11 years in singing profession. Amid the time she could set up herself as a genuine little girl of Nepal. She is otherwise called the Vocal Queen of Nepal. When she was 15 years of age she went to Butwal Mahatsobh (बुटवल महत्सव) for her live Dohori singing rivalry. When she was singing, everybody who heard her were to a great degree awed. Sundar Mani had taken Bishnu Majhi from Syanja demonstrating her a fantasy of making artist. Bishnu's fantasy worked out as expected yet the nearness of Sundar Mani in her genuine made her life a bad dream. After relationship of living respectively with Sundarmani Ahikari (Singer/Composer) for a long time she got hitched in December 2013 at Pokhara. Amid the underlying days she used to gain Rs. 2,500 for singing one melody and as time passed she began acquiring Rs. 40,000 for every tune she sang and known as the Richest artist of Nepal. Which was never observed. She has achieved the stature of prominence in Nepal as a society craftsman. Her Songs has been hits on more than 100 Million on YouTube[2] and iTunes. Be that as it may, according to her associates voice, She is not included on Social media and any live show yet.


Bala Joban (बाला जोबन)

Baisa Dhalkina Lagyo (बैंश ढल्किन लाग्यो)

Phoolko Chhayanle (फूलको छाँयाले)

Tyo Man Runna Holara (त्यो मन रून्नहोला र)

Pchheuri Malmalko (पछेउरी मल्मलको)

Bacha Kasam (बाचा कसम)

Mero Sapana (मेरो सपना)

Royo Gambesi (रोयो गामबेशी)

Jale Rumal (जाले रूमाल) Sheet (शित)

Teej Songs

Putaliko Bhatti Vol 01 to 12 (पुतलीको भट्टी भाग १ देखि १२ सम्म)

Vinaju Palkera

Sano Gafchha

Ghumre Julafee Mero

Vena Hongkong Ko Lahure

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