Three Recording CCTV elevator that can make you stunned


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Elevator or lifts can be quite d@ng*erous sometimes. There are many cases of robbery and other hings that have taken in a few minutes of being inside an elevator. Now a new video has been uploaded on YouTube which compiles 3 of the most sh0ck!ng and cr@zy things that could ever happen in an elevator.

In the first footage, two girls walk inside an elevator and as soon as the door closes, they start to make out. The ki$$ was very intimate and long and as soon as they realize they they have reached their floor they stop and give a small ki$$ again.
In the second footage, a man and a girl get inside an elevator. The girl is standing in front and the man is standing right beside her. They are both quite after they press their floor button. But as soon as the girl walks out of the door, the man snatched her purse and gets in. The girl tries to pull her purse back but the man closes the door by pushing the button and starts to look at the money.
In the third video a women wearing a hijab gets in an elevator with two giant men. As soon as thew door closes, the men try to @tt@ck the girl but the girls seems to be a professional wre$tler and she defends herself flawlessly.

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