हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Today is Sakela, the greatest celebration of Kirats. You'll need to festivity comprises of an execution by members remaining around before the Sakela altar. The heavenly and the human, and the myth and the truth include in the execution that is a flawless mix of workmanship and work in a festival of life. Each custom has its own particular history. Essentially, the Sakela custom has a position of safety history. Why is the Sakela move performed at Tundikhel in Kathmandu? May three verifiable reasons and also myths behind the execution of the Sakela move at Tundikhel Yalakhom. To start with, as history specialist GP Singh has written in his book The Kiratas chronicled India, the Kirat administration "controlled over the valley of Nepal from 3102 BC, the start of the Kaliyuga, to the seventh century AD". After the foundation of the Kirat line, the Sakela move rose as a custom which is performed till this day. Yalamber can be a Kirat predecessor who venerated nature. In view of chose of this lord, Kathmandu is called Yalakhom. Sakela is said to have been performed in Yalakhom as the Kirat line. So Sakela speaks to the recorded character and civilisation of the Kirat Rai.

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