Bhukampa E@rth*qu@ke Short Nepali Movie


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Bhu*k@mpa "E@rthqu@ke" is a Nepali short motion picture in view of the late e@rthqu@ke in Nepal. This e@rthqu@ke has made an alternate sort of moment circumstances and circumtances. This short film is likewise one of the circumstance made with the e@rthq@ke in an exceptionally comic and touchy way.

Here in this motion picture, two young men who have been living respectively and making the most of their free life. They both are seeing someone having a fl!*rt with their better half. Them two gets disturbed with their discussions with their better half and reproves each other.One kid welcomes his sweetheart at his room and requests that his companion allow them to sit unbothered. His companion makes an arrangement of having a shopping and consents to take off. The following day, his better half goes to his room. They begins to have a sentimental discussion. After certain timeframe , they began a have !nt!mate scene.

Amid this !ntim@ate and sen$u@l time of these lovey-dovey couple, the immense e@rthqu@ke happens. They tangled of with the extreme issue with it. As quickly as time permits, they flee from the room by yelling so everyone can hear.

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