पशुपति शर्माले भने – ३३ किलो सुन तस्करी गर्नेलाई किराकिरा परोस >>


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

The word is from a twofold dohori Kannuaj. Bbhanne is not subject to twofold from two side. In this manner, for the benefit of the two melodies from the music rhyme antiphonal answer addresses that come completely vujincha. Particularly in antiphonal melody is made instantly and even one in light of. Nonetheless, the last time by the record of the hitch and are currently compelled to originate from so melodies are the showcasing liiraheka. Such melodies gitakarale just a kid and a young lady are both Savage said that the arrangement as indicated by which the working class gaeka gayikale. Antiphonal tune, especially major in Nepal. People, town, dumkhaka agony, love and society, including the earth is made in the melody by consolidating society tune savaikuraharulai. What's more, when the society Savage said or sung in twofold for the benefit of such people melody called antiphonal tunes. Dohorima s distinctive methodologies are secured. Sorathi, vertical Vaca, Cauda, ​​Jhyaure, .Chico hinterlands of Nepal, alongside different tunes that are in samgita hitch Sally Guy, and Katie s answer questions. Coordinate laibha kheline be saved fun dohorima may dohorima recorded. Furthermore, dependably, and that, paying little mind to which brought about no obvious hitch ious sametina additionally recorded clasps of the melody is a decent subject for the showcasing. Open gaekaharu, samkalakaharu well as his endeavor, Dharma Raj Thapa, Kumar Basnet, Wm Bahadur Karki, and the last time cards to Ek and Raju Pariyar and visnumajhi until I touched base in Nepal has made huge steps dohorile

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