यो भिडियो जम्मा ३ मिनेट ३० सेकेन्डको छ तर खुप सस्पेन्ड र रमाइलो छ | जसले हेर्नु हुदैन उहालाई पक्का पछुतो हुन्छ है | भिडियो


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Famous Indian trick channel rang TroubleSeekerTeam have accompanied another trick video and it has been transferred on their channel. The trick is called 'Proposition to be engaged Gone Wrong' and in the trick video is extremely amusing.

In the trick video, a man goes up in broad daylight and requests that a man hold his telephone and shoot a video. There is a young lady before him and he stoops down on his knees and tells the young lady his emotions. The general population around them are taking a gander at them charmingly as he hauls out a ring and proposes her, the earth turns red with affection.

In any case, as he opens the case, a man comes over and pushes him, taking the ring endlessly. Also, this is the point at which the genuine trick begins. The man is additionally the part of the trick and it is just to see the response of individuals. As the general population watch's identity all affection at first get sh0cked and @ngry when the other man takes the ring. Many even pursue the man.

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