पैसाको लागि युवती ले के सम्म गर्न सक्छन ? भन्दै गरियो एक सामाजिक शर्बेक्षण जसमा देखियो यस्तो हर्कत -यो भिडियो हेरे पछी प्रष्ट हुनेछ ! >>>>>{भिडियो सहित }


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Cash is any thing or unquestionable record that is by and large acknowledged as installment for products and enterprises and reimbursement of obligations in a specific nation or financial setting. The primary elements of cash are recognized as: a medium of trade; a unit of record; a store of significant worth; and, once in a while, a standard of conceded installment. Any thing or certain record that satisfy these capacities can be considered cash. Be that as it may, in the present circumstance cash has ended up life. Rather than purchasing things with cash, cash is purchasing individuals.

The video is attempting to demonstrate the present appetite of individuals for cash mockingly. In the video three companions are quite recently hanging out in a bar having beverages, tattling and singing. All of a sudden telephone rings and a man among the three lifts it up. Its his better half call. The sweetheart is at a shopping center and she says she saw a truly lovely precious stone jewelry of 1 lakh he says no doubt beyond any doubt why not. His companions get stunned. His sweetheart again inquires as to whether she could by a saree worth 40 thousand. He says only one? Purchase 4-5 of them. The young ladies gets to be distinctly cheerful and says she has his ATM and she will get it from that point. He says its alright and hangs up the telephone.

Later his companions ask him for what reason did he do that. Is he truly plastered or simply flaunting his cash. Later he says its not at all like that yet simply let me know whose telephone this is. The consummation of the video is diverting. Its truly dismal and interesting. The poor person whom the telephone had a place with. The video is conveyed to you by ur Style TV with entertainers Rajex Raut, Niroj Lama and Binu Basnet and was coordinated by Nitin Chand.

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