मुसहर बस्तीमा छोरी सम्झेर सुन्तली धरधरी रोइन, सन्तान भन्दा दुखी गरिव प्रिय् (भिडियो)


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Sita Ram Kattel (Nepali: सीता राम कट्टेल), broadly known by his serial name Dhurmus is a Nepali performer, on-screen character, script writer, and official. He was one of the central characters of the Nepali TV game plan Meri Bassai. He is considered as one of the Nepal's most fit and best comic ever in light of the way that lone he had accepted more than 24 sections in his own specific sitcom Meri Bassai. He in like manner acted in the 2013 Nepali film industry hit Chha Ekan Chha in a lead part nearby Deepak Raj Giri, Kedar Ghimire, Neeta Dhungana, and Jeetu Nepal. His another film wada number chha was also blockbuster. He is especially rapid in social work also. Kattel was considered in Solukhumbu range of Nepal where his underlying life and coaching was done. His arrival in Kathmandu and the butcher of King Birendra Family were accidental. His family moved from Solukhumbu to Jhapa when he was a child. He used to help his father in his field while embarking to the school. He played out his first comic dramatization in the school and everyone delighted in it. Thusly, he fled from home to Kathmandu wanting to be a not too bad on-screen character and a humorist. His first successful job as an entertainer was Meri Bassai. There, he met Kunjana Ghimire and turned out to be miserably captivated with her. They got hitched in 2009.

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