भूटानी राजपरिवारमा अचम्मको घटना : ८ सय २४ वर्षपछि एक बालकले लिए पुर्नजन्म (भिडियो)


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Astonishing news is distributed of Bhutanese Royal Family. Girl of Queen of Bhutan Dorji Wangchuck gives a birth to child three years back and he said that he take re-birth in same family. As per that infant, before 824 years, he was a teacher in Nalanda University of India. He advised to all his relatives of Nalanda University and showing innovation of there, his fantastic mother, Queen convey him in that University on January 1.

While going to the University, he perceive where he study before 824 years, as per Indian media. He advised to his family that, in the event that he visit Nalanda University once, he will perceive all things and Royal Family convey him at same University. He additionally perceive his classroom.

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