फेरी आयो अर्को सनसनीपूर्ण गुगल बोई आदित्यको अनौठो भबिस्यबाणी विश्वमै मच्चियो तहल्का {भिडियो हेर्नुहोस्}


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Google Boy of Nepal, Aditya Dahal is most prominent in Nepal. Here, in the underneath video, Aditya Dahal is not an account of antiquated individuals but rather is a valid and said in regards to future. He is called as a spiritualist. He is just 4 years of age who is not ready to go school yet but rather can give all the hard responses to all individuals.

He can't talk and walk legitimately and give the answers by composing on paper. His mind knows all the past, present and future things. Individuals check him by asking general learning question like who is the principal head administrator of Nepal to who found wellspring pen. From history to geology, math to science and from religion to motion picture, he can give every one of the answers.

He know officially about what kind of individuals are getting met him. While a president of Communist Party, Nepal (UML) is went for meet him, president solicit a name from his mom and kid compose the name. Fundamental secretary Lilamani Paudel additionally meet him and kid ask for by composing, stop toss spoiled and pointless things in Bagmati.

At the point when individuals ask, if Nepal will be a Hindu nation or not, he answered as need to do constitution first. He answered for another question that when will stack shedding finished, government official dependably talk not work appropriately. A few people get some information about his intend to come in this World, he answered "Not currently, will talk sometime in the not so distant future". The principle question was when was constitution of Nepal will wrapped up. He answered on 2072 however just when quarreling between political gatherings will end.

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