पशुपतिको बागमती किनारमा एउटी 'सुन्दरी' को चर्तिकलाले बुधबार धेरैको ध्यान तान्यो। पर्यटक, मलामी र शोकमा रहेकाहरु पनि उसको हाउभाउ देखेर हाँस्न बाध्य भए। (हेर्नुहोस ति सुन्दरीको चर्तिकला भिडियोमा)


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Pashupatinath Temple and its premises are known to be the heavenly place. More than a blessed place it one of that p[lace which convey us close to reality of life. When you are feeling low or upbeat or need to have some solitary time then going to Pashupatinath Temple and checking out its premises can convey back you to your life making you recognizing reality of life.

Something else that individuals can see in Pashupatinath sanctuary is monkeys. Well the general population take their youngsters to demonstrate to them the monkeys alongside the goals of acquainting themselves with our sanctuaries and customs. No one know to what extent the monkeys have been there in the premises and in the sanctuary for correct. Be that as it may, truly they have increment the pride of sanctuary more.

With the time the monkeys likewise appears to have gone progress. They mirror person and have the things that individual used to have now. You can see in around the sanctuary as opposed to eating bananas they getting a charge out of eating the garbage nourishment that human have been eating in nowadays. Well some time you may have encounters that att@ck*$ from the monkeys when you have something in your grasp. The all the more astounding thing is that they are clever to the point that they don't attempt to grab the water from the hand of the general population however some other things that individuals are holding. Well obviously the general population need to give them a chance to have it else they know the outcome would it say it isn't?

Also, now here is a video which will make you burst out of chuckling without a doubt. This must be a female monkey who is so fixated on a white bit of the fabric. It at some point put the piece over it and tries to cover itself with it as people do. And furthermore when other monkey attempt to grab the bit of fabric then it don't permit them to have it. Well the other monkey do no think that its fascinating yet this one monkey is such a great amount of ob$es$ed with that material which appears like it need to look lovely with that fabric.

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