Man who filmed beheading of Saudi woman reportedly arrested


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

The man who shot the decapitation was really participating in capital punishment of a lady who was indicted executing a kid. No less than 10 individuals have as of now been executed in 2015. What's more, in 2014 we saw a 5 year high – more than 80 decapitations. The thing is these executions happen constantly and for what many would consider no wrongdoing by any means. Individuals get guillotined for magic, ladies imprisoned for driving and posting on the web. In any case, this draws no worldwide judgment. Why? John Wight says it's straightforward: Money."In the Now" with RT's Senior Political journalist Anissa Naouai is the initially committed daily Primetime show to air live out of our Moscow central command. Have Anissa Naouai has worked in the field for very nearly 10 years and has reported from more than 80 urban communities over the globe. Presently from Monday to Thursday viewers can appreciate crisp, fair, and hard-hitting news scope on a portion of the world's most problems that are begging to be addressed with one of RT's most experienced writers .

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