New Relese Video Ma Ta Yastai Chu


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Artist and VJ Shova Tripathi has discharged a music video of her melody 'Mama Ta Yestai Chu' for her new album.The verses and music for the tune is given by Eknarayan Bhandari. The melody 'Mama Ta Yestiai Chhu' is a run of the mill people tune. The tune display youthful Nepali young lady depicting herself,her likes, her affairs.This melody has snappy verses and music.The tune additionally discuss wishes and pride of a youthful girls.The music video is exhibited by Sitara Music.

The bearing of the video is done splendidly utilizing successful visual impacts. Shova being her self as model has defended introducing herself as run of the mill youthful Nepali girl.The melody is touchy and appealing which without a moment's delay can get a consideration of youthful and more seasoned generation.This tunes can be a unique treat for people tune significant others. Long time introducing herself as RJ and VJ,Tripathi has being in music businesses too.This collection 'mama ta yestai chhu' is her seventh collection. Tripathi herself has played on music video as model.Not just in her music video,she has being playing as model on different tunes as well.

She has being in individuals enthusiasm from long time as RJ and VJ and has likewise gathering notoriety as an artist and model.This music video demonstrates her adaptability. The verses of Eknarayan Bhandari is being given full equity by Shova Tripathi. This collection may get the hit line like her other collection.
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