गुगल ब्वाई आदित्यले गरे मृत्युका विषयमा कहिल्यै नगरेको भविष्यवाणी - भिडियो सहित


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Aditya Dahal, a four year old child, from Kathmandu is on the components of Nepali media these days. Media has named him Google Boy of Nepal as he seems to answer questions unanswerable as for his age. Some even claim that he is more than a Google kid. Something exceptional is proceeding within him.They say contemporary science hasn't had the ability to illuminate the ponder proceeding within him.Let's experience why he could be an otherworldly event for the 21st century and how he could be a conundrum science needs to understand.

Things that tell that Aditya Dahal could be a heavenly event

Aditya was a customary kid till he was more than two. By then, he lost his ability of conventional talk and improvement.

1. His gatekeepers never considered surrendering him into school as he can neither talk nor even sit without offer assistance.

2. Around two months back, the people found that he could create however no one in the family had shown him how to scrutinize or write.Let's experience why he could be a wonder for the 21st century and how he could be a conundrum science needs to unwind.

To check Aditya, the news-people from Sagarmatha Television set forth unmistakable request. In the video you can in like manner see some fundamental math Aditya has scribbled on paper.

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