उनी मन नलागी नलागी हुलाकीको काम गर्दै थिए । एक दिन त प्लम्स्टिडठ भन्ने ठाउँमा चिठी पुर्‍याउन जाँदा एक नेपाली युवतीले ढोका खोलिछिन् ।


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Yama Buddha was by a wide margin the most prevalent rapper in Nepal, particularly among youth. Not at all like other Nepalese raps, his tunes depend on diverse undertakings. 'Saathi', 'Pathway Mero Ghar' and 'Yo Prasanga' portrays the genuine issues confronted by Nepalese society, for example, destitution, sedate compulsion, sex trafficking and vagrancy. Tunes on connections are 'Ama (Mother)', 'Didi (Sister)', 'Pagalpan(Madness)'. Essentially, well known tunes on different stories by Yama Buddha incorporate 'Jutta mama', 'Audai chu mama' (for the film Talak Jung Tulke), Aawaran (co Priyanka Karki). He additionally teamed up with universal specialists Iraj, Chingy and Neha Kakkar in 'Nachana'. He oftentimes performed live abroad (among Nepali diaspora) in nations, for example, India, Australia, UK and so forth.

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