तपाइको दिमाग कतो फोहोरी छ यो भिडिओ ले प्रमाणित गर्छ त्यसको लागि पहिला यो भिडिओ हेर्नुहोला


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Rock legend Bruce Springsteen will disclose his ascent to popularity and the battles behind his melodies in a journal to be discharged in September.The book will be entitled "Destined to Run," named after Springsteen's 1975 tune that both denoted his ascent to distinction and melodiously disclosed his drive to escape his home in Freehold, New Jersey.The distributer, Simon and Schuster, said that Springsteen would tell stories behind the tunes interestingly and appear "why the tune 'Destined to Run' uncovers more than we beforehand realized."The diary will relate the "verse, peril and haziness" of his childhood in Freehold and his "determined drive" to wind up a performer as he began playing at a bar in close-by Asbury Park, the distributer said.'"Writing about yourself is a fooling around," Springsteen, 66, said in a statement.The book will be discharged September 27 in 14 nations,

 with releases in French, German and Spanish.The New York Post said that Springsteen got a $10 million development for the book. Simon and Schuster did not remark.

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