विदेशबाट TV ल्याउदै हुनुहुन्छ भने थाहा पाउनुस कति इन्चसम्म पैसा लाग्दैन ? कति इन्चलाई कति कर तिर्नुपर्छ ? यो जानकारी सबैलाई उपयोगी छ, सेयर गर्नुहोस


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Most of Nepali peoples bring some devices like mobile, laptop, TV and other electronic items from abroad while returning to Nepal. Most of peoples bring TV, So we are going to provide information about TV Custom Tax in Nepal. According to new custom law there are some changes for custom charge. Here we have mentioned LED/LCD/3D or Smart TV’s custom duty tax rates according to TV screen size.

Government of Nepal has already declared that up to 32 inch television can be bring without any charges and duties. So, the screen size of 32 Inch LCD, LED, 3D, SmartTV or Curved TV are custom free. If the size increased from 32 inches it will charge Rs. 550 per inch as custom tax. For example; If you bring 32 Inch TV from abroad no need to pay But, If you bring 39 inch TV from abroad you have to pay Rs. 21,450.00 for tax in Tribhuvan International Airport. But, If you bring 55 inch TV from abroad you have to pay Rs. 68,750.00 for tax in Tribhuvan International Airport.

TV Cost Table:

Following flat amount of customs duty shall be charged (instead of customs duty, excise duty and VAT) on LCD, Plasma or LED 528 television imported by Nepali travelers under the sub-section (2) of section 1 of the notification in Nepal Gazette regarding the Baggage Rules published in Nepal Gazette.

Here are custom tax rates for all people who bring TV from abroad.

Size of LCD/Plasma or LED Television (in inch)
Less than six month stay in foreign country (per inch Rs.)
More than six month stay in foreign country (per inch Rs.)
(a) up to 22"
(b) 23" to 29"
(c) 30" to 32"
(d) 33" to 39"
(e) 40" to 49"
(f) 50" and above
But, Full duty and tax is exempted for any type of television up to 32 inch for one time keeping record, if accompanied by Nepalese Citizen on their return from the foreign employment working at least twelve month continuously. No exemption will be provided for the television more than 32 inches.
Question: I am going back after 3 years from aboard and I bought laptop for my use, do we need to custom too ?
Answer: You can take one laptop, 1 mobile phone and some other as your personal equipment and you don't have to pay custom for it. But if you are going to take more than 1 then you might need to pay custom for addition.

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